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Arvydas Laurinavičius, MD PhD
Professor of Pathology at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine

Director of the National Centre of Pathology, Affiliate of VULSK


Digital pathology: An Overview.

High-resolution/high capacity  scanning of microscopy slides transforms tissue pathology as diagnostic, research, and educational  discipline. Multiple aspects of digital pathology will synergize and bring disruptive innovations in the domain. This talk will focus on two most promising directions: retrieving essentially novel and rich information from pathology images and new business models for diagnostic pathology.

Brief CV

He received his MD degree from Vilnius Univ. Faculty of Medicine (1981-1987), PhD - from Moscow Medical Academy (1989-1992) and completed Renal Pathology Fellowship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on digital image analytics to derive novel tissue pathology indicators for disease modelling. In particular, Prof. Laurinavicius has together with his research group at Vilnius University and researchers at Caen and Nottingham Universities developed methodologies for comprehensive digital immunohistochemistry analytics to empower information retrieval from routine IHC slides. He represented Lithuania in the establishment of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (SNOMED International), he was a member of its Management Board and chaired Research & Innovation Committee. In 2010, he chaired European Congress of Digital Pathology in Vilnius.