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Research of bone tissue substitute materials in Latvia


RTU Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Biomaterials Innovations and Development Centre (RBIDC) has collaborated for more than 20 years with RSU Department of Maxillofacial Surgery (DMS). RBIDC and DMS have conducted both experimental and clinical trials for novel synthetic biomaterials. RBIDC has developed several kinds of biomaterials for different applications, including composite biodegradable materials with drug delivery capabilities. A short introduction in history of research and development of biomaterials and recently achieved results will be presented.




Assoc. Prof. Mr. Dr. Jānis Ločs is director of Institute of General Chemical Engineering at Riga Technical University and leading researcher at the Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Biomaterials Innovations and Development Centre. He received his PhD in Materials Science in 2009. His main competences are synthesis and investigation of composites and calcium phosphate based biomaterials proposed for orthopaedic and maxillofacial implant applications. Under his supervision there have been also a variety of implant prototypes developed, including controlled drug delivery systems.

He is a member of the board at the Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials and Young Scientist Forum national representative at the European Society for Biomaterials.