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Prof. Dr. (HP) JANINA TUTKUVIENĖ is a medical doctor, anatomist and anthropologist, head of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Anthropology, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University. Her scientific interest is a broad interdisciplinary area that covers physical anthropology, clinical auxology, reproductive biology, human adaptation and ecology, evolutionary medicine.

Professor has elaborated a new methodology for the assessment of growth and development in Lithuanian children; compiled growth references and percentile charts that are currently used by paediatricians and the other specialists. Currently, her scientific scope is growth, development and maturation of children, body image and attractiveness, physical status of adult population, worldwide variation in body size and maturation, secular trend, physical characteristics and general health status (clinical anthropology), clinical anatomy, head and face morphology, morphological and functional asymmetry of the body.

Janina Tutkuvienė has published (together with co-authors) over 230 research papers, among which 35 articles belong to CA WoS data basis, also 8 monographs and 11 textbooks. She has delivered more than 200 scientific presentations or key note lectures at the Universities of different countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, UK, US and the others).

Professor has broad international cooperation and relationship. She took part at several EC projects (STOP-II, AGIS, ISEC, Leonardo da Vinci). Currently, she is Strategy Board member at Horizon 2020 project “Alliance for Life: Closing Research and Innovation Divide in the European Union”, also was invited to participate at Horizon 2020 project „Scientia Fellows II“ (creation of trans-national postdoctoral program, postdoctoral career, research and management).  

Janina Tutkuvienė is an active member of many international scientific societies and editorial boards: council member of the European Anthropological Association (EAA); member of the International Association of Human Biologists; member of the Society for Study of Human Biology (SSHB); member of the International Auxological Society; member of the Commission for Human Ecology of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES); editorial board member of the Journal of Human Ecology and the journal Anthropologischer Anzeiger. Professor has a broad collaboration with scientists from many countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, UK, US and the others).

Professor has been supervisor or consultant of 11 PhD students, currently she is supervising five PhD thesis. She is active in consulting and supervising small research projects (approximately 10 per year) carried out by undergraduate students.